DTF Transfer

Purchase DTF Transfer sheets with us, press your own T-Shirts!

What is DTF Printing?

DigiFuzn is our state-of-the-art DTF printing technique that allows for a full-color print from only a single screen transfer. We are the only print shop in the Midwest that has this special printing technique available to customers.

What can I do with DTF?

DTF is best for T-shirt printing. The great thing about our DigiFuzn printer is that you can send us any type of art, and we can get that printed onto a T-shirt! unlike screenprinting, you don’t have to worry about how many colors there are, the possibilities are limitless!

I need a lot of transfers!

For those who need large quantities of transfers or need one of our designers to create art, you can contact us at orders@twcustombranding.com and our representatives can help you get started on a quote.

What if I want to press the T-shirts myself?

That’s the best part! If you run an Etsy shop, or own your own t-shirt press, you can purchase the transfers from us and print your products at your own leisure! From one small business to another, let us help you take your independent process to the next step!

Purchasing options

To buy DTF transfers from us, you must first decide if you need them in large quantities or small quantities. If you regularly need jobs done with 20+ of the same items per order, it may be in your best interest to become a contract customer with us. If you only need 2-3 of the same image printed, it may be best for you to visit our Etsy site and purchase a 20×20 gang sheet from there.

For those interested in becoming contract customers, please contact us at orders@twcustombranding.com! We can help get you started and talk a little bit more about your individual business needs.

DTF Transfers on T-Shirt
DTF Transfers on T shirt