DTF Transfer Instructions: 

Recommended DPI: 300

File Type: PNG 


Image should be sized to the length and width you want it to appear on the garment. For example, if you desire the image to take up the entire width of a standard t-shirt, your file size should reflect that and be around 10-12 inches across. 

The design will print as it is loaded. Therefore, if there is a color behind your image (such as white) the white will be printed. 

Avoid using a Cricut Easy Press or a household iron, as these won’t apply enough pressure. You should instead use a dedicated garment heat press for the best results. 


  1. Place your garment on the press, and place the transfer film onto the fabric with the image facing upwards. 
  2. Apply a heavy pressure of 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 seconds
    1. You should see imprints of the garment fibers in the design when it is finished. If this is not the case, increase the pressure until visible. 
  3. While FILM IS STILL HOT, remove the film from the garment by starting from the lower corner and peeling diagonally upwards. We recommend peeling from the heaviest side of the design.
    1. Be wary, as if not careful fine lines may lift up. 
    2. If it starts peeling when pulling film off, press down again and check pressure
      1. Decrease pressure for thicker garments, increase for thinner
      2. Most garments are fine with a pressure level between 6-8