Our Story

Who we were? Pictured: TW Sportswear storefront

Our original storefront, TW Sportswear

Who we are

Who we are? We are a veteran and woman-of-color-owned organization. All of our head leaders are women, and we are proud to actively serve our community through community service and outreach. We strive to provide the best products and quality apparel to our clients. We identify as a small business and love partnering with our fellow local KC small business owners. It is important to us to empower not only woman leaders but enrich our KC community.

How we began

TW Sportswear began organically from the efforts of a restless mother of four and the need for high-quality yet affordable t-shirts for her children’s swim team who were desperately trying to raise money for equipment. That initial order occurred during the 2008 financial market “crash” and we saw an opportunity to help cash-strapped organizations to both save and raise money while building a family business.

We feel blessed to be asked to serve on the boards of both the North Kansas City YMCA and Sporting KCs The Victory Project. This addition to our resume is a direct reflection of our commitment to our client’s success as well as our dedication to continually serve others.

Michelle Webb and daughters showing who we are as an organization

Our owner Michelle Webb pictured with her incredible daughters

Who are we? A local Kansas City MO business

We are so proud to call KC home!

Where we are going

Our goal is to continue to empower leaders throughout our community to grow their businesses and expand their own branding. We are also looking to rebrand ourselves, with a name change from TW Sportswear to TW Custom Branding. We are doing this to fully encompass the overall services that we bring to people. We are more than sportswear, we can outfit your entire operation! Further, we changed our company colors to reflect a more modern landscape and refresh our identity. We are forever grateful to our clients that came to us when we were TW Sportswear, and hope that we can continue to service you as TW Custom Branding!